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Making Stars Shine Bright

BLuSouL has been making musical dreams come true since 2003. Our team of professionals are experts in multiple musical disciplines. The current members of BLuSouL all grew up in the same Toronto church. Together perfecting their voices, harmonies and instrumentation.  During the late 90's they all found individual success on their musical paths.  From touring, to being featured on critically acclaimed albums worldwide.  In 2003 a meeting was called with the intention of pooling together all of our individual talents.  All parties were interested and the rest is history.

BLuSouL constantly strives for excellence.  Their track record for success not only can be measured by the amount of national awards they have accumulated but by the countless lifetime memories they have shared with all of their distinguished clients.

BLuSouL faced their toughest moment in June 2022 with the loss of their dear Brother and bandmate Tristan Lennard. His smooth vocals, toughness and positive attitude along with his youthful energy fuelled BLuSouL to be the giants they are in the entertainment industry today.  He will never be forgotten and forever missed. 


What started off as a group of brothers has expanded into the home for Canada's #1 performance group and reigning Entertainers of the Year.  BLuSouL has also carved out new paths in the wedding industry with THE HITCH DOCTOR our resident Wedding Officiant as well as positioning and personally developing some of Canada's best talent for your special day.

Microphone Stool

Tristan Lennard

I never thought I would need to write this about our little brother. We all love you and we will miss your voice, competitiveness and presence onstage.  Most of all your positivity, laughter and brotherhood offstage.  

 We have all been touched by cancer either directly or indirectly.  It is a fight we must all fight together. Together with charities like Giving Hearts we will win and not someday but ONE DAY find a cure for this disease.  

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are forever with the Lennard Family. We will continue to strive for greatness in his honour.

 We love you all.

"When Tristan died a part of me died. Until we meet again little Brother."



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